Is "The Crown" Making Major Mistakes In Its Portrayal Of Royal History? Here's What A Respected British Filmmaker Thinks

Date July 17, 2018

Some bad news for fans of the hit series, The Crown. The show is under fire for its portrayal of one of its key character.


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Critic calls out the series

One of the show's loudest critics is the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes. Like The Crown, Downton Abbey is also a historical TV series set in England.


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Fellowes has come out to say the show was flat out unfair to Prince Philip in its second season.

What the show gets wrong

He had a lot to say when he spoke to the Couric Podcast hosted by news stalwart, Katie Couric. He began by praising the show before he told Couric that he was uncomfortable with “dramatizing people who are still alive.

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But, for Fellowes, the more unforgivable problem is the inaccuracy of the show and the fact that Prince Phillip’s character is “based on very little”.

Does Prince Philip agree?

Matt Smith, who plays the character of Prince Philip, thinks differently though. He revealed to PEOPLE that the second season focuses on the leading royal’s childhood and helps viewers understand what makes Philip so resilient.


Elizabeth and Philip. A partnership that endures. #TheCrown

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It’s hard to say if the 97-year-old prince, who recently underwent a hip replacement surgery, watches the show, but if he does, who do you think he’ll agree with, Smith or Fellowes?

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