Former Hollywood 'Sex Symbol' Kathleen Turner Opens Up About The Disease And Addiction That Ruined Her Iconic Career

Date October 2, 2018 10:53

For years, Kathleen Turner was the Hollywood leading lady all the hot actors wanted to date. She had Micheal Douglas and Jack Nicholson famously fighting to win her affection. Then things took a turn for the worse and she became addicted to alcohol.


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She lost her confidence and identity

In the 90s, Turner was at the peak of her career when lost her identity as a sex symbol around the time she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.


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The actress admitted that the disease took its toll on her physically, but it also badly affected her confidence. She was in her 30s and already the industry no longer considered her a sexually appealing leading lady. 

The hardest part was that so much of my confidence was based on my physicality. If I didn’t have that, who was I?

A long battle with alcoholism

That question led her to an alcohol addiction that plagued what was left of her reputation. She became known as an actress that was difficult to work with.


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While promoting a new book on acting, Kathleen disclosed that she actively abused alcohol because it became a painkiller.

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Fellow actress, Eileen Atkins, reportedly called her a nightmare while they were filming Indiscretions. And Kathleen tells Vulture that that low point in her career was because of a medication that made her forget her lines and a really bad pain in her wrist.

Getting back her glory

But, she is determined to get back her glory even if she'll never get back to being as famous as she was after she voiced the Jessica Rabbit one of the most iconic cartoon characters in Hollywood history.


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And she has celebrities like Sadie Frost whose openness and fight with rheumatoid arthritis inspires her fans every day, so she isn't alone. We are rooting for you, Kathleen.

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