Olivia Munn Knows Something About Samantha Markle's Past Life And She Wants To Help Her Find Love


July 20, 2018 17:27 By Fabiosa

Samantha Markle has a bad rep as a bitter woman, but a recent revelation about her by the actress Olivia Munn may just help people see her differently.


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Newfound fame

As the older sister of Meghan, she has been on an offensive since their family rose to fame courtsey of her baby sister's engagement to Prince Harry.


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Samantha has accused Meghan Markle of everything from abandoning their father to being a phony. She even called Meghan's mom, Doria Ragland a gold digger.

Samantha's past life

But, Olivia Munn has offered a glimpse into what Samantha's life was like long before Meghan's engagement. While promoting the hit movie, Predators, Munn told Entertainment Tonight that the movie's writer/director, Shane Black, had once dated Samantha.


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Her hilarious but very helpful suggestion for Samantha was to reconnect with the now famous director who is also single at the moment. The actress believes that finding her own famous prince could help Samantha become less bitter.

Will she give this up that easily?

It is very doubtful that anything could stand in the way of Meghan's bitter sibling. At the moment, she claims to be writing a tell-all on the duchess and would quite possibly keep her fascination with the royals going for a long time.

What do you think?

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