Sir Paul McCartney Stuns Crowd With A History Making Beatles Reunion Concert 49 Years Later

Date December 18, 2018 16:41

There's no better time for some good old Beatle mania than the holidays. And Sir Paul McCartney just made Christmas come alive at London's O2 Arena with an epic surprise.

Sir Paul McCartney Stuns Crowd With A History Making Beatles Reunion Concert 49 Years Latergettyimages

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Final Beatle performance was 49 years ago

The last time the Beatles performed together in public was in 1969, at a surprise rooftop concert. For the history-making event, they performed 5 of their songs.


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People were initially taken unawares but word spread fast on the streets and a crowd gathered, disrupting traffic.


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The show lasted for about 42 minutes and might have continued longer if the Metropolitan Police did not ask them to reduce their volume. Apple employees who used the building reportedly refused to let the cops in before they finally gave in.

Decades later, a surprise reunion concert

But, on Sunday, there was absolutely no need for cops when McCartney announced to the pumped-up audience of about 20,000 that he had a surprise for them.

We’ve got a little surprise for you. It’s a surprise for us, actually – it only happened today.

While they looked on, an extra drum kit was rolled onstage.

Within seconds fans realized they were witnessing history. A mini Beatles concert was underway.

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Former bandmate Ringo Starr joined McCartney onstage and they also had rival Rolling Stone band member Ron Wood join them. What a time to be alive!

Social media erupts

Together, the three perform the hit song Get Back.

And afterward, while the moment sank in, Starr told the ecstatic crowd:

I don't know about you, but that was a thrill for me. Peace and love, everybody. Have a Merry Christmas.

Just like 1969, as news of the surprise reunion filtered online, Twitter users had a meltdown.

One reaction perfectly captured the feeling: this show is hands down the highlight of 2018!

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