Little Lady! We Can't Get Enough Of Whoopi Goldberg's Adorable Great-Granddaughter, Charli Rose

Date February 1, 2019

In 2014, Whoopi Goldberg welcomed her first great-grandchild, Charli Rose, and less than 5 years later, it's hard to recognize her.


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Whoopi's introduces Charli to her fans

Goldberg, then 58, shared the news with on Instagram with a clip of herself attempting to feed the newborn. She announced that this was her first attempt at feeding a baby in 40 years.


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Charli Rose's mom, Amarah Skye, was born in 1989 to Goldberg's only daughter Alex Martin making the actress and TV host a grandma at 34.

What she looks like now

It has been a while since fans of Whoopi Goldberg got a chance to keep up with Charli Rose's progress. But her mom who goes by the name @skeezydoesit, keeps her followers up to date with the little girl and it's shocking to see just how much she's grown.


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Charlie who Amarah fondly calls 'Chuck Rose' is the most adorable little girl and her smile is priceless.


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Clearly, her mom prefers to stay out of Hollywood. She identifies herself as an artist, so it's unlikely that Charli would be making an onscreen debut anytime soon, but she would definitely be a star if this were an option.

Great-grandma Whoopi Goldberg may not be regaling her followers with photos of Charli, but she's certainly posting about expanding her family. Apparently, her granddog is set to get married soon. Congrats, we guess.

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