Prince William Blows Everyone Away As He Sings 'Livin’ On A Prayer' With Bon Jovi And Taylor Swift

Someone just got his mojo back! Dad of 3, future King and stuffy royal, Prince William still has what it takes to charm the internet, thanks to a recent video of him crooning with pop stars.


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His many talents

William is known for his talents many of which have taken a back seat as he prepares to be a monarch. He is an accomplished helicopter pilot, and according to The Telegraph, claims he can beat down Harry in an arm wrestling game.


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That's not all. The Duke of Cambridge admits his wife can out-dance him, but he is king when it comes to skiing, tennis, soccer, hockey, rafting, rowing, and shooting.

Watch him sing like a pop star

Apparently, he's also had a secret talent for singing all along and never revealed it. But days ago, a 2013 video of William singing his pipes out resurfaced on the internet.

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At the Winter Whites Gala charity ball in Kensington Palace, Bon Jovi performed his hit song Livin’ on a Prayer and while the crowd cheered, he was joined by Taylor Swift and a newly married Prince William.

Although he seemed a tad nervous, on cue from Taylor Swift, William joined the chorus, held his own beside the famous singers and finished to arousing applause.

People love it

The clip belongs to a more innocent time in his life now, but it is making royal fans nostalgic.


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Some people find the decision Bon Jovi made to have both Prince William and Taylor Swift on his stage hilarious, random, and timeless.

We have to admit, he deserves a medal of some sort from the Queen for making a priceless internet moment.

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