Prince William Blows Everyone Away As He Sings 'Livin’ On A Prayer' With Bon Jovi And Taylor Swift


December 11, 2018 12:53 By Fabiosa

Someone just got his mojo back! Dad of 3, future King and stuffy royal, Prince William still has what it takes to charm the internet, thanks to a recent video of him crooning with pop stars.


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His many talents

William is known for his talents many of which have taken a back seat as he prepares to be a monarch. He is an accomplished helicopter pilot, and according to The Telegraph, claims he can beat down Harry in an arm wrestling game.


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That's not all. The Duke of Cambridge admits his wife can out-dance him, but he is king when it comes to skiing, tennis, soccer, hockey, rafting, rowing, and shooting.

Watch him sing like a pop star

Apparently, he's also had a secret talent for singing all along and never revealed it. But days ago, a 2013 video of William singing his pipes out resurfaced on the internet.

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At the Winter Whites Gala charity ball in Kensington Palace, Bon Jovi performed his hit song Livin’ on a Prayer and while the crowd cheered, he was joined by Taylor Swift and a newly married Prince William.

Although he seemed a tad nervous, on cue from Taylor Swift, William joined the chorus, held his own beside the famous singers and finished to arousing applause.

People love it

The clip belongs to a more innocent time in his life now, but it is making royal fans nostalgic.


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Some people find the decision Bon Jovi made to have both Prince William and Taylor Swift on his stage hilarious, random, and timeless.

We have to admit, he deserves a medal of some sort from the Queen for making a priceless internet moment.

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