"He's Our Spiritual Leader": Neil Young's Beautiful Relationship With His Cerebral Palsy Survivor Son

Date February 1, 2019

Neil Young has been through some really rough patches in the last few months. He lost his home during the California fires and most later, lost the mother of his children. But the singer has always drawn strength from the special bond he shares with his second son, Ben.


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The Canadian legend is a proud dad of three. His first son Zeke was born a few years after he and his first wife Susan Acevedo ended their marriage.

Young and Zeke's mom, the actress Carrie Snodgress was an item for 5 years. He was reportedly still seeing her when he met his longtime wife and partner, the singer Pegi Morton while she was working as a waitress.

Why he shares a special bond with Ben

When the couple had their first child, Ben, they learned he had cerebral palsy like his senior brother Zeke.


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But where Zeke's case was mild, Ben was born quadriplegic and he was unable to speak. The couple was unphased. Pegi put her career on hold to teach her baby to develop his motor skills.


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Now, Ben is years shy of hitting 40 and the singer revealed to the New York Times that he takes him on ever tour and relies on him in the most special ways.


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 Neil Young who also has a daughter, Amber, calls his second son 'Ben Young' and tells him everything even if he'll never be able to speak back to him.

 He’s our spiritual leader in that way. We take him everywhere, and he’s like a measuring stick for what’s going on.

Is CP preventable?

Cerebral palsy is known to cause an inability to control one's muscles. According to WebMD, it happens when the brain doesn’t develop normally.

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At the moment, it's medically impossible to prevent or cure cerebral palsy, but there are ways to manage the outcome and here are the things experts recommend:

  1. Stay away from drugs, smoking, and binge-drinking.
  2. Ensure that there aren't existing diseases that aren't being treated.
  3. See a doctor if there's a lingering source of stress.

Note, however, that this may not entirely guarantee that a child will escape cerebral palsy. Stay strong and be safe.

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