Royal Stylist! Meghan Markle Picks An Outfit For Unemployed Woman Getting Ready For An Interview

Date January 10, 2019 17:34

Meghan Markle is keeping busy with some light work as her due day gets closer. She just helped a woman pick out a work outfit and we can't get enough.

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Duchess takes a styling gig

An early tweet sent out by the royal family's official Twitter handle announced that the Duchess was spending the day visiting the Smart Works Charity headquarters.

Markle is a patron of the charity which helps women who are unemployed with style tips and skills necessary for job interviews.


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It won the Charity Awards for 2017. It's no wonder they caught the attention of the Duchess.

Praise for Meghan Markle

Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English also shared a clip of the session which showed a very pregnant Markle helping a woman with her fittings. Essentially, she got to relive her days as a stylist.

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The former Suits actress was clearly thrilled at the chance and could not stop smiling, but her excitement did not come close to the lucky woman's who was beaming the whole time. Both women also engaged in a brief conversation.

This unexpected gesture from Markle is earning her a lot of praise online. We honestly can't think of more befitting patronage for the Duchess.

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