Scottish Comedian Shares Disturbing Screenshots Of The Relationships And Marriages His Jokes Have Ruined: They're Over 4000!

Date October 2, 2018 16:06

Relationships in real life can be hard work. And getting out of them can be so messy that people just prefer to stay on and wait for something dramatic to happen.


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He's helped to ruin over 4000 love stories

But comedian Daniel Sloss has figured out a way to free people from relationships they are stuck in and so far, he has succeeded in breaking up more than 4000 relationships. Among them 17 canceled engagements and nine divorces.


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He's had a lot of practice as a comedian. The Scottish funnyman holds the record as the youngest comedian to perform a solo season in London's West End at 19. And so, it's no surprise that he landed the Netflix special Jigsaw.

Here's why he's out to get lovers

When he appeared on Conan recently, he bragged about his record as a relationship destroyer and explained that his motivation was to out-smug people, particularly on social media, who go around being smug about their relationships.

All I'm doing is asking you the uncomfortable questions that you don't want to ask yourself.

And, Sloss believes his comedy routine does not have the power to hurt people who are truly in love.

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He's only out to get people who pretend to be in love long after their relationship has run out of steam. And if you are wondering if your relationship is strong enough to withstand this man's comedy, here's a listen above.

His formula is working, sadly

Sloss keeps a record of all the relationships that have been ruined by his jokes and from time to time, spooks his followers out by sharing screenshots of the tweets and emails from complete strangers opening up to him about their breakups.


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One fan even wrote to say the jokes had caused he and his wife to end their marriage after 12 years together. What do you think?

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