"Chicago P.D." Marina Squerciati Claims She's The Secret Love Child Of A Wall Street Millionaire Who Died Last Year


August 6, 2018 10:25 By Fabiosa

Chicago P.D. actress, Marina Squerciati is making some big claims about her paternity.


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Secret love child

The 37-year-old who plays Officer Kim Burgess on the popular series opened up a can of worms when she disclosed that she is the secret daughter of Wall Street mogul, John R. Jakobson who died last year.


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Her shocking reveal comes amid legal battles over Jakobson's $100 million estate.

He supported her financially

The Manhattan millionaire is said to have bought a seat on the New York stock exchange in 1955 when he was just 25. This was long before he reportedly fathered Squerciati out of wedlock according to a report on NY Post.


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She claims that he not only acknowledged her existence but he paid for her college tuition and upkeep via checks cashed by her single mum for years. They did not have a relationship but he promised to provide for her in his will.


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Now, Squerciati is telling her story and accusing her absentee father of breaking his pledge to her and wants to fight for what's rightfully hers.

More family intrigues

What's particularly intriguing about her claims is how much it reads like a TV soap opera with unexpected plot twists.

One of these being the odd fact that fellow actress, Maggie Wheeler, 59, who had recurring roles on Seinfield and Friends also happens to be Jakobson's legitimate child. What do you think?

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