Rock Hudson's Secret Gay Lover Reveals How They Hid Their Affair From Fans In The 60s

Date August 2, 2018

Years after the AIDS epidemic swept through gay communities in the 70s and 80s, more stories have continued to come to the fore.

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Secret life

For fans of the iconic Rock Hudson, named in Empire Magazine’s "100 sexiest stars in film history list", the story of his secret gay life and AIDS related death in 1985 is particularly heart breaking.


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Hudson was the first popular Hollywood figure known to have died of AIDS, but before his diagnosis and death, he led a double life, pretending to be straight while dating men.

His one true love

According to Lee Garlington who Hudson is said to have called his true love in his biography, there was no question about them making their relationship public because it would have ended the actor’s career.

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He told PEOPLE on the 30th anniversary of Hudson’s death that they met in 1962 on the set of a film where he worked as an extra.


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They reportedly carried on their relationship for 3 years and each time they went out on dates, they had to bring girlfriends along.

His wife, Phyllis Gates

Hudson never confirmed the rumors about his sexuality until he revealed that he was dying of AIDS in 1985. But, besides Garlington and his other lovers, the one person who knew the truth about Hudson’s sexuality was Phyllis Gates.


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They were married from 1955 to 1958 and she is known to have secretly recorded his coming out without his knowledge.

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