Dealing With Insecurities! Tina Turner Opens Up About Why She Wears A Wig And A Lot Of Makeup

Date October 18, 2018

Since her music career began, Tina Turner has been always wearing wigs. Over the years, her wigs and her makeup have been a part of who she is. In a recent interview, she opened up about how this stems from her insecurities. 


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I thought my voice was ugly

In an interview with CBS's This Morning, the singer revealed to Gayle King that she often battles major insecurities. In the 1960s, around the time Tina Turner was getting famous for her music, she said she was facing a lot of competition from other popular female singers at the time. 


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She took solace in the fact that she was the only who danced as well as she sang. 

I remember Little Richard said, 'Tina dances, you know, it's hard for us to compete with her'. I always did the twist, I always danced onstage.

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Even though she understood that she had a unique voice, she still did not see that as a good thing. She described the sound of her voice as "strange."

I had the strange voice most girl singers didn't have. You know, in the beginning, I didn't. I thought it was kind of ugly because it didn't sound like Diana Ross.

Apart from feeling insecure about her voice, Tina also revealed that she never thought she was attractive either. This was why she began to depend on hiding her looks behind a lot of different wigs and glamorous makeup.

I never thought I was {attractive}. I tried to – that's why the wigs and the makeup, and the dress. I had to really make myself pretty. I had to work on that.

In her new memoir, the rock'n'roll legend opened up about her life, career, and dealing with personal tragedy, including suffering abuse by her ex-husband and partner, Ike Turner.

Fans love everything about her

Despite the fact that Tina Turner felt insecure about her looks, fans simply adored her. The fact that her hair and outfits were constantly changing is one of the many things people love about her. 

The strong and gorgeous singer will always be an inspiration to many.

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