Meghan Markle's Friend Reveals The Last Thing The Duchess Said Right Before She Got Married

Date August 28, 2018 18:39

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in May of 2018, and it was a beautiful wedding indeed. Many people who witnessed the day were very curious about what kind of bride she was. Was the Duchess nervous and stressed? Or was she cool and calm?


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The impression she gave her guests

It was a fairytale wedding, no doubt, for Harry and Meghan. In fact, celebrity guests could feel the love these two had for each other.

Oprah Winfrey, who also celebrated with the royals on their big day, told British Vogue that the wedding "left me feeling that anything is possible through the power of love."


Did Meghan Markle also feel the love on her big day?

A few special words

Makeup artist and close friend of Meghan, Daniel Martin, also shared the bride's demeanor with People Magazine

It was just like hanging out with your friend on her wedding day. The last thing we said to each other was: ‘See you on the other side.’


In an interview with Elle, Martin talked about how Meghan reached out to him before the big day. According to the Dior brand ambassador, Meghan asked him via text what his plans were for May 19.

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He had hoped to attend the Cannes Film Festival. Then the former Suits actress sent him two emojis that totally changed his plans.

She sent me the bride and groom emoji right back, and I literally dropped my phone! Then, she sent me the 'shhhh' emoji back, so I couldn't let anyone know...


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Martin also told the publication that on her wedding day, Meghan was "extremely chill." They had fun together, enjoyed breakfast and then, he got started on her hair and makeup. It was all "very easy," he said.


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Meghan chose the right man

Astrologist Allison Smith, who spoke exclusively with UK Express, described Meghan as a strong woman and "an innovator."


In her opinion, Prince Harry is the best person to help her achieve her goals, and together, they will inspire change, both in the royal family and beyond.

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