Mariah Carey Gets Slammed On Social Media For Not Paying Attention To Her Children

Date October 19, 2018

Mariah Carey recently shared a video that featured her and her children but fans could not get over the fact that the singers seemed to be a little 'in her own world'.


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Making dumplings

Mariah posted this video below where they all seemed to be enjoying the process of learning how to make dumplings. The singer described it as an 'intricate work' and was letting fans know it was their way of learning about different culture. 


Making dumplings in Taipei - and now the movie in 3 acts! 💖😃🥂 #MCLiveInAsia

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Before that, she posted a short video where she and her son, Moroccan, announced her upcoming album which will be released on November 16th. 


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Fans are pretty upset

In the video that showed the family making desert dumplings, Monroe was trying to show her mother a task she had completed.

I did it,

she said over and over again but it seemed Mariah did not hear her. 


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Fans felt heartbroken for the girl and commented about how the singer should have, at least, acknowledged the child who seemed a little disappointed about not getting anyone to see what she was doing. 

An Instagram commenter @Jazzmania6199 was downright upset and reminded Mariah that children need to be encouraged.

Monroe did it, yaaaay!!😍😍 Acknowledge her, not ignore her. Kids need lots of encouragement, not self absorbed conversation.


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Another IG user, @alskar_dig_chanel, pointed out how Maria seemed to be only obsessed with herself and what she was saying that she did not notice her daughter trying to get her attention. 

In every video the kids tried to talk to you, SHOW YOU THE DUMPLING, one grab a hot taipai spoon and your just in your world, WHERE IS THE NANNY!!?

@Trinadee agreed, commenting;

Someone, MARIAH! Acknowledge the kid, she did it. Geez


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@shbarron commented on another video in the post where Mariah apparently did not warn her kids the dumplings were hot before they began to take some. 

I have so many questions. Why didn't she warn them the dumplings were hot BEFORE they reached for them??


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While it did seem like her kids did not get a lot of attention from their mother in these clips, it's quite unfair to judge her as a mom based on videos that only lasted a couple of minutes. But then, as a celebrity mom, dealing (and perhaps ignoring) mom shamers comes with the job. 

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