Anne Bancroft And Mel Brooks Were Complete Opposites, But Spent Over 4 Decades Happily Married Until Death Did Them Apart

Date May 16, 2019 14:46

When complete opposites make their marriage work, you know that’s love. Actor Mel Brooks is Jewish, while his wife, five-time Oscar nominee Anne Bancroft, was of Italian descent.


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Until death do us part

Mel’s marriage sadly came to an end when Anne died of uterine cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

Anne’s death came as a surprise to many, including some of her friends, who did know that the private actress had not released details of her illness.


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The body of the start was interred at Kensico Cemetery near her parents, Mildred and Michael Italiano in New York.

Douglass K. Daniel, a journalist who published a biography on the late actress, Anne Bancroft: A Life, told Fox News that one thing that did give her joy throughout her life was her relationship with Brooks.


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Decades of marital bliss

The couple’s great love started when Mel introduced himself to Anne, while she was guest-starring on The Perry Como Show. 

Patrick McGillgan, an author who published a biography titled Funny Man: Mel Brooks, which takes a peek into the actor’s life said:


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He began to follow her around doggedly, and they clicked. She found him funny, adorable, smart and entertaining, and he admired her serious acting prowess and thought she was a beauty.

The couple dated for a few years before getting married. Speaking to Closer Weekly, McGillgan said:


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She was tall and striking, and he always referred to himself as short and homely. Then there was the matter of their disparate ethnicities.

Despite their growing fame and several awards, their love lasted over four decades in marriage right up to Anne’s death from uterine cancer.

Their only son

Bancroft and Brooks have an only child, son Max. Though Anne did most of the parenting, Mel later regretted the times he focused on his career to the detriment of being a father.


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Just like his parents, Max followed in their footsteps. He is an actor and author. Max is well known for his zombie apocalypse novel World War Z, which was later made into a film.

Asides from being an actor, he also has a career in voicing animation. His film credits include Roseanne, To Be or Not to Be, Pacific Blue, and 7th Heaven.

They may be complete opposites, but with a love that endured Hollywood, Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft have one of the most romantic love stories.