Fran Drescher Met Her Husband Of 21 Years When She Was 15 But Found Out He Is Gay Only After Their Divorce

Date June 21, 2019

In marriage, you learn to love your partner and accept them for who they are, right? But how does one deal with a spouse who has the preference for the same sex without you knowing? Actress Fran Drescher never knew her husband of over two decades was gay until their marriage ended.


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Fran and Peter’s union

Fran Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Marc Johnson were the stars of the sitcom The Nanny. They met when the actress was 15 years old. The two later were married for over two decades and had no children.


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She found out he was gay

Peter confessed to Fran that he was gay two years after their 21-year marriage ended. Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, the actress said that denying his true sexuality came at a cost. She said it made him “angry and controlling,” and this led to her leaving the marriage at the height of their show.


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Fran admitted that it took time and therapy to come to terms with the end of her marriage and the fact that Peter had kept quiet about his sexuality. She said:

I thought, Did he know he was gay when I was walking down the aisle? When we had a fight in high school and he said, ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you? This made me wonder what we ever really know.


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During their marriage, it felt like suppressing his instincts was the only option the actor had, saying:

I grew up in Flushing, Queens. You married at 21, had a big wedding in Great Neck and lived happily ever after. When I felt an attraction to men, I buried my feelings.


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They are now closer than ever

The Nanny actress revealed she’s closer than ever to her gay ex-husband. According to Peter, he and Fran are very tight as they work, eat and travel together. Over the years, they have transitioned from spouses to best friends and now producing partners.


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It’s good to see that Fran and Peter are now best of friends. They freely throw jabs at each other about everything from Botox to boys.