Soulless Or Warm And Welcoming? People Compare Melania And Michelle's White House Christmas Décor

Date December 3, 2018

The holiday season is upon us! People have already started decorating their homes for Christmas. The White House is no different: The presidential residence looks prepared for the winter holidays. Do you like how it’s decorated this year?


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It’s a tradition for First Ladies to choose the decorations. It will be Melania Trump’s second Christmas at the White House, and the decorations she picked reflect her own unique taste and style. However, not everyone liked them.

Twitter users ridiculed the décor, particularly the red Christmas trees. Here are some of their comments:

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How Melania Trump’s taste differs from Michelle Obama’s

The Toronto Star did a side-by-side comparison of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s Christmas decorations in their inaugural years.

Do you remember what the White House looked like during the winter holiday season in 2009 and 2017?

Many people remarked how Michelle Obama’s décor looks cozy and welcoming and feels like home, whereas Melania Trump’s décor looks stylish and glamorous, but feels cold and distant. Here are some of the comments:

Melania's decoration makes it look like a mall or something really modern and rich while Michelle's decoration is very warm and welcoming, it feels like home. And I wanna see the deco, not Melania thank u very much.

Obama's white house looks like a family lived there. Melania's is more like decoration for a glossy magazine . Look but don't touch.

One looks like Lapland. Beautiful but cold & deserted. The other like Christmas, warm beautiful & full of live. I prefer warm & welcoming.

I like Obama’s better! It shows what Christmas is all about, people, union, etc. And Melania’s only shows herself in all, like a good Trump

Did you notice that for trump, the video is just more of his wife, and the obviously overspent government money, but with president obamas, it was on Christmas itself

Obviously, many of the comments about the First Ladies’ décor choices aren’t only about style. For many, it is just another opportunity to get political. But maybe, it's better to put our political differences aside and appreciate Melania and Michelle’s unique tastes?

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