'Curly Sue' Star Grew Up Into A Gorgeous Woman And Even Became 'The Voice' Winner!

Date January 15, 2019

Do you remember that cute little girl who starred in Curly Sue, a 1991 hit romantic comedy directed by John Hughes?


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Her name is Alisan Porter, and she was 10 years old when the film came out.


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Alisan’s performance and adorable curly locks are unforgettable, but it looks like the film’s fans haven’t heard much about her after that. Or maybe they have, but never realized it was her all along?


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How Alisan looks like now?

If you look at Alisan now, you probably won’t even recognize her at first.


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Without the cute curls and chubby cheeks, she sure looks different!


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Alisan has an active presence on social media, including Instagram, and often shares pictures of herself and her children.


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Her son and daughter don’t have curls, but they look absolutely adorable anyway!


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What does Alisan do?

Alisan decided not to pursue a career in acting and retired from the business in the early ’90s. She struggled with addiction in her early twenties but cleaned up her act in 2007. Then she fell in love, got married, and gave birth to two beautiful kids.


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In 2016, Alisan was back in the spotlight, but in a different form of art. She successfully auditioned for NBC's singing competition The Voice and ended up on Christina Aguilera’s team.


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Alisan continued to impress the judges, viewers, and her mentor with her amazing voice and ultimately became the winner of the show’s 10th season!


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Alisan’s music career is in full swing, and she had never expected that she would become a professional singer. She hadn't even been too eager to audition for the show that would make her a star again, but went for it anyway and won! She told HuffPost at the time:

'I’m glad that I did [it]… I walked through a lot of fears and I won!'


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She took that second chance and it paid off. Great for her!

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