"Her Words Are So Beauteous!": Audrey Hepburn Moved Cary Grant To Tears With Her Heartfelt Tribute Speech

Date April 2, 2019 16:26

Although many actors of the Golden Age of Hollywood are long gone, their talent and the timeless films they starred in are still remembered and cherished by many. One of such classic films is Charade (1963), with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.


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Cary and Audrey were a dynamic onscreen duo and they were good friends in real life. So it made perfect sense for Audrey to be the one who gave a tribute speech to Cary as the Kennedy Center Honoree in 1981.

Audrey’s moving and very personal speech

After receiving the honor, the actor didn’t know who would be giving a tribute speech. So when he saw his Charade co-star on the stage, his face lit up!


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Audrey, looking regal and dignified, started her poetic speech with acknowledgment of Cary’s inimitable acting talent. The honor was well-deserved, as you know!


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The solemn speech took a more personal turn when the actress spoke of Cary as a friend. She said:

So thank you, Cary, for giving joy across the years to those who need, in times of selfishness and greed, a star to hang their dreams on. And before I’m gone, in gratitude and love I end, you have truly been a friend!


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Audrey’s speech was so moving that Cary couldn’t hold back tears! The audience erupted in applause, and, making the act even more classy, Audrey curtseyed him before she left the stage.

People’s reactions

Seeing one great talent honor another great talent in such a moving way touched the hearts of many movie enthusiasts! Here are some of their comments to the video of Audrey’s incredibly touching and sincere tribute:


Two actors who defined grace, class, dignity, and style. Audrey and Cary. Both at the apex of their chosen profession.

@Gregor P:

Forget any other award; having Audrey Hepburn speak on your professional behalf would be more than enough to last a lifetime!


Aww she brought him to tears! 😭😭 idk why I love this clip so I’m not crying....


It is obvious that Audrey Hepburn moved Cary Grant that singular evening more than anyone else... ever could. Look at his heart leap into his eyes at the very sight of her. Magic. Her words too are so beauteous that Cary Grant's tears become our own. He is a prince of an actor receiving his crowning glory.


Magnificent! Perhaps the greatest of her many great performances...such a lovely tribute to a most deserving man.

@Kiat Huang:

Very fine words, beautifully and radiantly spoken. And what a lovely, dramatic, classy yet humbling curtsey at the end.


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The stars of our days should watch and learn!

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