Sam Elliott's Look-Alike? People Are Saying This Man Looks Like A Young And Buff Elliott

Date January 31, 2019

Is it the magic of his mustache? Sam Elliott has always been a picture of manliness, along with other mustachioed actors, such as Tom Selleck.


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Now in his seventies, the legendary actor looks as dashing as ever! He often appears with his beautiful wife and daughter at various events, and we can see that he aged well.

Sam Elliott's Look-Alike? People Are Saying This Man Looks Like A Young And Buff ElliottGetty Images / Ideal Image

Elliott hasn’t retired from acting, and one of his recent roles is Bobby in A Star is Born, for which he even got an Oscar nomination! It’s bound to make the list of his most memorable roles. Another one, for which we will remember him for a long time, is Wade Garrett in Road House (1989). He played with Patrick Swayze in that film.


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Elliott’s iconic look is hard to replicate, but there’s someone who looks quite like him!

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Meet Greg Berzinsky

Greg Berzinsky is a senior model. The man looks so elegant with his luscious, well-kept beard and mustache! He has an impressive following on Instagram (more than 130,000 subscribers).


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Among other compliments that he gets on a regular basis, some people have been telling Berzinsky he looks like Elliott, so he decided to “dress the part” and post a picture of his Sam Elliot look.

Well, we can’t call him Elliott’s doppelganger, but the resemblance is undeniable! Their physique is different, though, as the actor is tall and lean and Berzinsky is quite buff.

The man's followers were struck by his likeness to Elliott. “No offense to Sam Elliot but he wishes he looked like you,” @becauze_yes commented.

@hollgonz4insta pointed out Berzinsky’s strong beard game:

I've always been a Sam Elliott fan, but you've got him beat. Of course you know why... you have the beard!

To @tiz1962, the model is “killing it,” with or without the beard:

Ah yes Sam Elliott. I was always crushing on him, that voice, that stache. Love your beard today but I must say you were killing it without it as well.

@matt6t4 also liked the image:

Looks good on you.... Can definitely see the Elliott.


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Do you agree?

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