What A Beauty! Candice Bergen's Daughter Is All Grown Up Now, And She Is As Gorgeous As Her Mom

Date December 26, 2018

Do you remember what Candice Bergen, 72-year-old actress and former model, looked like in her younger years? She was, and still is, such a beauty!


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It’s no wonder that French director Louis Malle fell for her immediately. Bergen and Malle tied the knot in 1980 and welcomed a beautiful baby girl five years later. They named her Chloe Françoise.


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Who is Chloe and what does she look like these days?

Sadly, Malle died from cancer in 1995, when his and Bergen’s daughter was only 10 years old.


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Chloe grew up with a stepdad – her mom eventually came to terms with her father’s passing and married Marshall Rose, a real estate magnate.


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Like her mom, 33-year-old Chloe is interested in fashion and writes about it professionally. She graduated from Brown University and now, she’s an editor of Vogue magazine.


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Being half-French, the young woman speaks the language.


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It’s hard to tell if she looks more like mom or like dad. She looks French, but her mom’s Nordic features are also noticeable.


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Chloe is happily married

Bergen’s daughter tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Albert Graham, in 2015.


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The ceremony took place in France, Chloe’s dad’s home country. They held the reception at Le Coual, the country home of Chloe’s family.


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The family is yet to expand. In the meantime, Chloe and Albert enjoy themselves and travel the world.


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Chloe and her mom Candice remain close, which is evident from their pictures on social media. They are such a lovely family!

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