Jane Seymour Opens Up About Her Difficult Twin Pregnancy At Age 44: "I Nearly Died Having Them"

Date November 28, 2018

Jane Seymour, 67, is a happy mom of four children. She gave birth to her first child, Katherine, in 1982. Her second child, son Sean, arrived in 1985. The actress gave birth to twins, John and Kristopher, in 1995, and the boy’s arrival into this world wasn’t easy.

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Jane opens up about the difficult pregnancy

In early 1995, Jane was married to James Keach. They had been together for two years and wanted to have kids. Jane had doubts at first, as she was 44 at the time, but she ultimately decided to go for it.

After several failed pregnancies, she got pregnant using IVF. Doctors had warned the actress about possible difficulties of giving birth at her age, but she wasn’t too worried. She said on Loose Women:

I was warned that there were possible things that could go wrong, but you don’t think of that. I didn’t realize you could lose your life having a baby at that age.


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Jane was elated when she learned she was having twins, but at the same time, she realized it could increase the risk of complications. And that’s exactly what happened. She said on the show that she developed preeclampsia, which is a dangerously high blood pressure in pregnant women.


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The babies arrived six weeks early. They were delivered via an emergency C-section, and Jane didn’t realize until a few days later that she “nearly died having them and the babies nearly died.”

For the first few months of their lives, the boys were hooked up to heart monitors and were carefully watched. Fortunately, they did fine.


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How do the twins look now?

John and Kristopher, turning 23 on November 30, are two dashing young men, and they are making their mom immensely proud. Jane said on the show:

Kris is now a major baseball player and John is a rock-and-roller in Nashville.


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Although the pregnancy itself was quite risky, Jane doesn’t have any regrets about having them!


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How old is too old to have a baby?

When it comes to having a baby later in life, there isn’t a definitive cut-off for when a woman should or shouldn’t get pregnant. It really depends on specifics, the most important one being the woman’s health.

Women who give birth after age 35 may be at a higher risk of certain complications, including cardiovascular problems, gestational diabetes, and premature labor.

Jane Seymour Opens Up About Her Difficult Twin Pregnancy At Age 44: "I Nearly Died Having Them"Pregnant woman with STDDragana Gordic /

Age 35 and older is defined as 'advanced maternity age' by medical professionals, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the risk of difficulties during pregnancy. However, doctors may offer additional screening tests to pregnant women of that age to monitor their and their babies’ health.

All in all, if there are no contraindications, there’s no reason for a woman of any age not to have a baby.

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