Like Father Like Son! James Caan's Eldest Son Is His Doppelganger And A Star Of 'Hawaii Five-0'

Date April 5, 2019

Hollywood legend James Caan has been married four times and has five children: daughter Tara and sons Scott, Alexander, James, and Jacob.


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While four of James’ kids mostly keep a low profile, his eldest son Scott was inspired by dad and ventured into acting. If you’ve seen him in films or on the show that made him a big star, then you know he made the right choice!

Who is Scott Caan?

To most of Scott’s fans, he is known for his role as Danny ‘Danno’ Williams on the long-running CBS drama Hawaii Five-0.


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His most notable big-screen role is Turk Malloy in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, and Ocean’s Thirteen.


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Speaking about his personal life, Scott and his girlfriend welcomed a daughter, Josie, in 2014.

Scott and James have appeared together on the screen. The first time was in Mercy (2009), which Scott wrote and starred in. Unsurprisingly, James played Scott's father in that film.


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Another time was in 2012, when James appeared in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 as a retired police officer.

Today, James has every reason to be proud of his son. However, he initially discouraged Scott from becoming an actor!


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What James told Scott about acting

James actually wanted Scott to become a baseball star, not an actor. And it wasn’t because he thought his son isn’t talented; he just didn’t think life as an actor was the kind of life that would suit him.

In an interview with The Fall, Scott recalled:

My dad didn’t want me to get into the business. He knew it would be hard to do this job over and over again and it’s creatively hard to get excited about playing the same dude for seven years.


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He added that dad’s words didn’t change his mind, but he still looks up to him, both as a father and fellow actor:

My dad is probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. When you’re young you don’t see your father as a legend, you just know that he’s an interesting, colorful, wild kinda cat and you think, ‘I want to be like that guy’.


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It’s safe to say James now thinks his son made the right career choice.

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