What's With You, Céline? Fans Are Worried About Céline Dion As She Looks Alarmingly Skinny

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Concerned fans’ comments

The singer’s fans aren’t used to seeing her that skinny, especially her face. Maybe, it’s just getting older? Some of those alarmed by Céline’s look took to Twitter to express their concerns:

Céline herself hasn’t commented on her health, so for now, we don’t know whether we should worry at all.

Her 2018 health scare

The singer had fans worried in March last year when it was announced that some of her concerts were canceled due to a health issue.

Feeling inspired... - Céline xx... . Inspirée... - Céline xx... . . . . cc. @davidfoster @barryavrich22 #davidfosterdoc

The issue in question had to do with hearing. Céline had been dealing with hearing problems due to Patulous Eustachian tube. Ear drops didn’t help, so she had to undergo a surgical procedure to fix her hearing. She returned to stage soon after.

I'm here because of my fans...I owe it all to them....I love you guys! - Céline xx... . Je suis ici grâce à mes fans... je vous dois tout... je vous aime ! - Céline xx... . 📸: Mondo Wang . #CelineDionLive2018

We hope this time, there’s actually nothing to be concerned about and the singer is doing OK.

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