"I Miss Her All The Time": Julia Roberts Speaks On Her Mother's Passing And Her Invaluable Lessons

Date March 1, 2019

Award-winning actress Julia Roberts has been happily married to cameraman Danny Moder since 2002.


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Julia and Danny have three beautiful children. They welcomed twins, daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus, in 2004, followed by another son, Henry, in 2007. Despite her tight work schedule, Julia has been a present, hands-on mom to them. How does she manage that? The actress has a real-life role model she learned from – her mom, Betty.


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Julia on losing her mom and the lessons she learned from her

Betty passed away in 2015 at the age of 80, following a battle with lung cancer. Fortunately, she got to meet all three of her grandkids and served as an example for Julia, who hadn’t known much about parenting.

In an interview with People, the actress spoke about her late mom with admiration:

My mom worked a full-time job and raised three girls pretty much on her own. My brother [actor Eric Roberts] is older, so he was gone and out of the house. She never showed the strain of it.


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When Julia’s three children were still very young, she wondered how her mom juggled taking care of her and her siblings with a full-time job. When the actress asked her mom what’s the secret, Betty gave her daughter a straight and honest answer. Julia recalled:

[When I] had three children under 3 years old, I was like, ‘Mom, how did you do this?’ And instead of saying, ‘Well, you just have to apply yourself and it takes effort,’ she goes, ‘It’s called daycare, honey.’

And I was so appreciative and so grateful she didn’t tell me some sage, bulls*** story about what it’s like to be a great mother.


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Julia has learned to relax and not to put too much strain on herself. She's grateful to her mother for invaluable life lessons and still thinks about her “all the time”. The actress told People:

The kids talk about her a lot. It’s funny because her name was Betty and I feel like lately, she just crosses my mind, and I’ll turn and I see something that says ‘Betty,’ just unexpectedly.


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Betty was one of Julia’s closest people, and the actress still misses her. But she can take comfort in knowing her mom raised her and her siblings right!

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