Australian Woman Says She's Frank Sinatra's Lovechild He Never Acknowledged And Claims She Looks Like Him

Date December 17, 2018

Frank Sinatra was known as quite a ladies’ man. During his 82 years, the blue-eyed charmer was married four times. He had three children – Nancy, Frank Jr., and Tina – with his first wife, Nancy.


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Between and during marriages, the singer had highly publicized affairs with multiple women, including actress Ava Gardner who later became his second wife and whom he, by all accounts, loved until the day he died.


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Sinatra’s second, third, and fourth marriages didn’t produce any children, but there may be a child he never told the world about.

Australian claims she’s Frank Sinatra’s daughter

Back in 1956, Sinatra was still married to Ava Gardner. At that point, the couple’s marriage had hit the rocks and they were separated.


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It was then that the singer met actress Eva Bartok. Relationship-wise, Eva was in a similar situation: she and her husband, actor Curd Jürgens, had been separated. Frank and Eva had a short-lived affair, and next year, Eva gave birth to a girl named Deana.

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Deana, who is 61 now, is adamant she’s Frank Sinatra’s daughter. The timing is right, and she says she recognizes some of his features in herself, including his striking blue eyes.

Deana, who is currently living in Australia, spoke to Studio 10 about the dad she never had. The woman opened up about her heartbreak, as Frank never reached out to her. She heard her mother speak to him on the phone, but they never met in real life.

Deana even wrote Frank a letter when she was a teen and received a lukewarm response (which he didn’t even write personally) stating he had too much on his plate to come and meet her.

The singer died in 1998 before Deana had the chance to meet him. Her dream to hug the man she always thought of as her dad was gone forever.

When the singer was still alive, Deana took his surname to feel closer to his legacy.

Did Frank and his three children say anything?

The famous singer never confirmed or denied Deana’s claims. There are no reports of a DNA test to prove that he and Deana are related.

Sinatra’s children – Nancy, Frank Jr., and Tina – never commented on the revelation.


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We will likely never know if it’s true.

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