It Was Real! Chris Atkins Recalls His Romance With Brooke Shields On The Set Of 'The Blue Lagoon'

Date January 11, 2019

It’s hard to believe that The Blue Lagoon, an iconic teen drama, was released almost 40 years ago! It was among the highest-grossing films in 1980.


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The film was well-received by viewers, but critics slammed it for “poor acting” – the film’s stars' primary occupation was modeling, after all. Maybe the acting was less than stellar, but the attraction Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins felt for each other was real, it turns out.


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The on-set romance

In 1979, Both Shields and Atkins were teen models. They successfully auditioned for their respective parts and developed feelings for each other during filming, Atkins admitted on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?

The actor recalled:

I was 18 and Brooke was 14. The director wanted us to be attracted to each other; he stuck a picture of her over my bunk on the boat when I was first there, just so I could start becoming attracted to her.


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The trick was to make his and her acting more convincing, and it worked in a way the director and other members of the crew hadn’t expected. Shields and Atkins fell for each other for real! Atkins recalled:

Brooke and I had a romantic, innocent sort of romance in the very beginning of the film. It was very nice, you know?

However, after the filming and various related events that followed were over, the two actors went their separate ways.


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Where are they now?

These days, Brooke Shields is married to Chris Henchy, a television writer. They are raising two daughters.


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Chris Atkins married Lynne Barron in 1985; they have a daughter and a son. Atkins divorced Barron in 2007 and is currently dating Sandra Ankarbjörk.


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By the way, the actor’s Swedish girlfriend looks a little bit like Shields.

The movie that brought the two actors together remains the defining film in both Atkins’ and Shields’ careers.

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