Little Fighters! Paula Deen On Her Son's Triplets Being Born Nearly 4 Months Prematurely

Date January 23, 2019

Host, restaurateur, and cookbook author Paula Deen is a happy grandma of five grandkids, but it hasn’t been an easy ride with her youngest ones, who were born prematurely.


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Paula’s triplet grandbabies

Bobby Deen, the younger one of Paula’s two sons, married Claudia Lovera in 2013.


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Early in 2018, the happy couple found out that they were expecting triplets, and Paula was over the moon!


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Triplets are a huge blessing, but sometimes, they are also a triple worry, as multiples tend to be born prematurely. Claudia’s pregnancy was high-risk, and she had to spend many days at the hospital. Finally, she gave birth to two girls and one boy on October 16.


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As Paula announced in a video posted on her Facebook page, the babies arrived at 26 weeks and 4 days – that’s not even the third trimester! The babies would have to spend about three months at the hospital before going home and were expected to be released in January 2019.

The Deens named the girls Olivia Maria and Amelia Ann, and the boy was named Linton.


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The family already prepared for the babies’ discharge and their mom even picked the colors for their room.

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Paula’s eldest grandkids

Paula’s elder son, Jamie, and his wife, Brooke, have two kids. Their first one, son Jack, arrived in 2006. They welcomed their second son, Matthew, in 2011.


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It looks like Paula and her big family don’t even spend enough time apart to start missing each other, as Jamie, Bobbie, and their wives and kids all live in Savannah, Georgia.


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It must be nice for the grandma to have all of her tight-knit family by her side!

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