Miley Cyrus' Mom Is In Her 50s, But She Looks So Youthful She Could Pass As Miley's Sister

Date January 21, 2019

December 23 was a big day for the Cyrus family! Miley Cyrus and her long-term boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth, finally tied the knot.


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The wedding ceremony was private, with only family members (including Miley's mom and dad, to whom she and Liam paid a sweet tribute) and friends in attendance. Needless to say, all eyes were on the happy newlyweds, but there was at least one person who was just as happy as the couple.


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It was Tish Cyrus, the bride’s mother! She shared a couple of pictures from the wedding on Instagram, captioning one of them with the following:

This makes my heart so happy .... 💗

Miley’s look-alike mom

When Miley and Tish are pictured side by side, you could take a look at them and think Tish is Miley's older sister, so young she looks!


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By the way, Kate Beckinsale and Gwyneth Paltrow also have some strong genes that they passed on to their look-alike daughters.

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Tish is not as well-known as Miley, but she also works in the entertainment industry.


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She’s an actress and producer, known for producing The Last Song, LOL, and So Undercover, films starring her daughter Miley.


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Tish is active on social media and often shares pictures featuring her husband, Billy Ray Cyrus, and their children.


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A family of artists

It looks like Miley’s career in music and film was predestined, as she was born into a family of artists.


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Miley (born in 1992) is Tish and Billy Ray’s first child together. Tish has two children, daughter Brandi and son Trace, from her previous relationship (Billy Ray adopted the two when he married Tish and gave them his surname). Like Miley, Brandi is also a singer and actress, and Trace is a musician.

Tish and Billy Ray welcomed son Braison in 1994. Braison is a musician, actor, and model. Billy Ray and Tish’s youngest child, daughter Noah (b. 2000) followed in her parents and siblings’ footsteps and became a singer and actress.


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It’s great that Tish has always encouraged her children to do what they love. She and Billy Ray are great parents, and they sure did something right raising those five kids.

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