"I Felt Very Alone": Til Schweiger's Ex-Wife On Their Separation And Raising Four Kids As A Single Mom

Date December 7, 2018

Til Schweiger is one of the most popular German actors and filmmakers. He gained international fame when he starred in Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and has since appeared in a number of German and American movies, some of which he directed.


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The actor’s kids have acted alongside him in some of his movies. But what about their mom?

"I Felt Very Alone": Til Schweiger's Ex-Wife On Their Separation And Raising Four Kids As A Single Momgettyimages

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Til married model Dana Carlsen in 1995, and they have four kids together: son Valentin (b. 1995) and daughters Luna (b. 1997), Lilli (b. 1998), and Emma (b. 2002).


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Sadly, having four children couldn’t save their love. Their marriage crumbled and they separated in 2005, after more than a decade together. They officially ended their marriage in 2014. How did Dana manage as a single mom of four?


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Dana Schweiger opens up about raising four kids alone

Dana was alone with four kids, aged eight, seven, six, and two. Speaking to, she said she had never imagined becoming a single mom.

Not much changed after she and Til separated, as he had always been away, working, Dana said. And the kids weren’t old enough to understand why dad moved out.


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Dana recalled:

I felt very alone. Til always said, "You have a nanny." But a nanny does not fulfill the emotional part of a father. Of course Til got involved, but he was mostly out and about working. The children missed the daily closeness of the father very much. And that's a big burden for a mother.


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For Dana, raising four children alone wasn't easy, but they turned out just fine. They are aged 23, 21, 20, and 16 and have a great relationship with both parents.



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What has Til been up to?

After he and Dana separated, Til has dated several women. His most high-profile relationship was with model Svenja Holtmann, but it didn’t work out.

It looks like Til has found new love. This fall, he confirmed his relationship with Francesca Dutton, who is a filmmaker like him.


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Speaking to, Til revealed his and Francesca’s big plans: they want to produce a movie together.

The two had met in 2007, on the set of Til’s movie Keinohrhasen. They met again a decade later, when they both were single, and fell in love. Til described it as “love at second glance.”

Speaking about his children, Til and his son and daughters are close. They often spend time together, and the actor certainly can’t be described as a deadbeat dad!

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