Actor Lee Majors Was Married 4 Times But Gave His Heart To A Woman 35 Years Younger Than Him

Date May 21, 2019 16:18

Lee Majors is a famous actor who has been conquering the TV industry since the 1960s. Majors is mostly known for his appearances in TV series like The Big Valley and The Six Million Dollar Man.


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But the actor’s love life deserves its own show. Lee was married four times in his life before he settled down with the love of his life – a woman who is 35 years younger than him.

Love has no age

Even in his 80s, Lee Majors gets to enjoy the real beauty every day as he wakes up next to his gorgeous wife. Despite having 35-year age gap, Lee and Faith seem to be blissfully happy together.


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Faith is also an actress, mainly known for her work in Corruption.Gov and The Five. The couple married back in 2002 and their marriage is still going strong.


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Even though Faith is 12 years younger than her stepson, Lee Majors II, she managed to create a good relationship with all of the actor’s children.


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Lee has 4 kids from his previous marriages. One son with Kathy Robinson and one daughter and two twin sons with Karen Velez.


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Majors was also married to famous American actress Farrah Fawcett for 6 years but the two divorced in 1982.


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Faith is Lee’s fourth wife and it seems like it turned to be the magic number for the actor.