After Passing Of Her Beloved Husband Over 17 Years Ago, Blythe Danner Swore Off Dating For Good

Date March 20, 2019

When you lose your soulmate, it’s hard to start living your life without them in it. Actress Blythe Danner knows this from the first hand. When she tied the knot with producer and director Bruce Paltrow, she believed their romance will last till the end of their lives.


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It did, till the end of his. Bruce passed away from oral cancer back in 2002. The couple had two children together, Gwyneth and Jake Paltrow.


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But after Bruce left this world, Blythe has remained faithful to him and stopped dating all together.

The heartbreak of losing a soulmate

It’s been over 17 years since Bruce Paltrow passed away but Blythe Danner is still mourning her loss. The actress can’t adjust to her new life without her beloved in it.


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Even after so many years, she has remained faithful to Bruce and hasn’t had any romantic relationships ever since he passed. She even admitted that kissing another man for a movie scene made her feel “nervous.”


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She commented:

I’m not really shopping for another relationship. As June [Squibb] says [in the film], ‘When you’ve had the best, the heck with the rest,’ and that’s kind of my attitude about it all.


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Blythe added that she have often discussed her love life and finding a new partner with her daughter, famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who said that she’ll never find someone like Bruce, but she must be “open to other people.”


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However, despite giving tips, Blythe believes that her daughter is “not open” to see her back on the dating scene and, to be frank, Danner seems to be fine with being single anyway.

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