‘Runaway Bride’ In Action! Julia Roberts Ended Engagement To Kiefer Sutherland And Ran Away With His Friend

Date May 28, 2019 15:38

Julia Roberts gained popularity thanks to her roles in the films that have become true cult classics. There’s hardly any other actress who can boast so many iconic roles. One of the most memorable Robert’s screen appearances was in the movie Runaway Bride.

The actress portrays a small-town hardware store owner Maggie Carpenter who earned herself the nickname “runaway bride” for running away from three men at the altar. But who would have thought that Roberts was way too familiar with the role?

Runaway bride in real life?

As it turns out, the ‘Hollywood Sweetheart’ had a similar experience in her own life. Julia called off her engagement to actor Kiefer Sutherland just days before the wedding and was spotted with his friend soon after.


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Julia and Kiefer met on the set of sci-fi film Flatliners in 1990. Both young and reckless, they fell in love pretty quickly and only one year after were set to marry in what was dubbed as the wedding of the millennium.


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But the wedding didn’t happen. Roberts ended the engagement and not only that - on the day when her wedding should have taken place she was spotted in Ireland with Sutherland’s close friend, actor Jason Patric.


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Later, the actress accused her former lover in playing the victim of the situation for the press. She said in one of her interviews:

I quite honestly believe that Kiefer knows that it’s the best thing for himself and for me that it didn’t happen. But he shouldn’t try to make himself look better by taking shots at me.

Whatever happened between them is old history now. Kiefer married Kelly Win 5 years later but the couple only lasted for 3 years. Now the actor is engaged to model Cindy Vela.


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Julia is a happily married woman since 2002 and has three children with her husband, Daniel Moder.