Cutie-Pie! 'The Good Doctor' Star Nicholas Gonzalez's Daughter Is So Adorable We Can't Get Enough Of Her

Date April 12, 2019

Nicholas Gonzalez and Kelsey Crane have the cutest love story ever. The couple’s romance started online in 2011 as the two began texting before they saw each other in person.


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Their first meeting was better than a script of a romantic movie. Nicholas and Kelsey met at the Hudson Block Party where the two enjoyed an eclipse in the evening. It felt like the stars aligned for them and the two were inseparable ever since.


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4 years later, Gonzalez and Crane got married and in 2017, their family has welcomed another addition as Kelsey gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

A bundle of cuteness

When his daughter was born, Gonzalez took to Instagram to share the happy news with his followers. The actor revealed the baby girl’s name and it’s so beautiful!


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He wrote:

Ever Lee Wilde Gonzalez 3-1-17 8lbs 1oz 21in. ’Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself.’ #everleewilde

Since then baby Ever has been stealing people’s hearts all over the Internet. She surely has one of the most adorable faces we’ve ever seen.


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Now the little girl has grown up and she definitely inherited her hottie dad’s big brown eyes and dark hair color.


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But she surely has her mom’s cute smile, hasn’t she?


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Nicholas Gonzalez is known for his role in the hit show The Good Doctor. Recently the actor talked about how his show is different from any other hospital TV dramas. He said that The Good Doctor has a good balance between being “soapy drama” and real medical show.


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It’s been revealed that the series was renewed for a third season so we can say for sure that people love it! We can’t wait to see what the main characters will be up to next.

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