Heartbreaking Letter John Stamos Devoted To His Mother After She Passed Away Touches To The Core

Date April 12, 2019 11:10

John Stamos’ life has been quite a rollercoaster. The actor has experienced many ups and downs but they made him a stronger, more companionate human being.  In 2014, Stamos faced a heartbreaking loss that left a giant whole in his heart.


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The Fuller House star’s beloved mother, Loretta, passed away after a battle with cancer. The wound that was left by this experience will never fully heal but Stamos found a way to release his emotions. He wrote a touching letter in honor of the woman, who loved him most.

The heartbreaking letter

John Stamos paid a beautiful tribute to his late mother on Mother’s Day. The actor wrote a touching letter that won’t leave anyone impartial. He starts with sharing a note from Loretta that he found after she passed away.


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Stamos reveals that it took him around three years to find the strength to respond to it. He writes:

I was sitting at your famous kitchen table, the same table where all the family therapy sessions would happen, and I was wondering how I could possibly get through one single day without you. I honestly felt I could not go on.

He continues by recalling his mom’s advice:

That’s when you chose to take this moment to tell me: ‘Life is an occasion … Rise to it. Don’t be sad because I died, be happy because I lived. I had a wonderful life.’

Stamos follows by praising his mother and shares how her ability to see the good in others has been a huge example for him and made him strive to do the same. He writes that he hopes his kids will inherit the same quality.


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The actor has become a father to a baby boy, Billy, last year. He named him after his dad, who is also not with us anymore.


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Even though Stamos is sad that his parents are not able to meet their grandson, he will surely continue their legacy and teach Billy everything they thought him when he was growing up.


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Little Billy is so cute! But check out these adorable babies enjoying time with their loving parents.

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