Martin Landau And Barbara Bain Were Married For 36 Years But They Both Knew Their Marriage Will End

Date April 19, 2019

Martin Landau was an award-winning American actor, whose incredible career serves as an inspiration to many. He started acting in the 1950s and continued working until his very last days.


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Landau passed away in 2017 at the age of 89 following “unexpected complications” that occurred after his hospitalization.


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We are certain that he wasn’t alone when that happened. His ex-wife and former co-star Barbara Bain was probably with him. The two managed to remain friends and neighbors after their separation but what happened to their marriage?

They knew how it’s going to end

Martin Landau and Barbara Bain first met when they were both studying acting at the prestigious Actor’s Studio in New York. It’s been reported that they initially didn’t get along but despite their mutual dislike, Landau and Bain fell in love. The two then married in 1957.


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Martin and Barbara were together not only in their personal life. The couple often collaborated on different films and TV shows. But they had no idea that being constantly with each other may cause them to drift apart.


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The couple separated in 1999 and named the reason for the end of their marriage as “too much togetherness.” Bain later said in one of her interviews that they both knew for about 10 years that their union won’t survive.


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She once commented:

It’s hard when you work all day with the same man you spend all night with. You have to try extra hard to keep the marriage interesting.

Landau and Bain tried to hide the problems in their marriage from the press to protect their 2 daughters, Susan and Juliet. Now the two girls are both adults.


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Bain shared that Susan, who is the eldest, works as a filmmaker and producer in San Francisco. Juliet also followed her parents’ footsteps and became an actress. We hope to hear more about them in the future!