Don Johnson's Surprising Music Career Once Helped Him To Land A Song Record With Barbra Streisand

Date April 17, 2019 10:34

Many know Don Johnson as a successful actor. His most noted roles in Miami Vice and Nash Bridges got him many awards and worldwide recognition.

Don Johnson's Surprising Music Career Once Helped Him To Land A Song Record With Barbra Streisand© Miami Vice (1984) / Michael Mann Productions

Moreover, thanks to his acting talent, Johnson received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But we have a theory that a truly talented human being is talented in many things and Don fits into it perfectly.


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Johnson could have gone on a totally different road to fame – not as an actor, but as a singer. His singing skills are something that has been forgotten with years but let us remind you how sweet his voice is.

He was the real star in the 80s

It’s a rare occurrence for an actor to release a song that would end in top 5 on the Billboard Charts and become an international hit. But it happened with Don Johnson and his debut 1986’s single Heartbeat.


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Johnson was already famous for his appearance in Miami Vice but that single lit up the charts like nobody’s business, helping him to gain success and recognition in a totally different field.

He can sing pretty well, don’t you think? Even though it does sound like every record you ever heard from 1986, it’s still pretty catchy.

Don released 2 pop albums and collaborated with many big names, including his then-girlfriend, the Broadway legend Barbra Streisand.


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Duet with Barbra

Streisand and Johnson recorded a song titled Till I Loved You, which was re-released on the singer’s album Duets in 2002. Check it out!

They actually sound very good together. It’s a shame we didn’t hear more of Johnson’s singles but it’s amazing to know that he has such a wonderful voice.

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