Touching Reason Why Meghan Markle Embraced A 17-Year-Old Teenager She Spotted In The Crowds At Sandringham

Date December 27, 2018

It’s not a secret that the Duchess of Sussex put aside her successful acting career in order to become a part of the Royal Family. During her engagement interview, Meghan explained that she doesn’t see her quilting acting as "giving up" her career but rather as a “new chapter."

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Despite the fact that we hadn’t seen her on the screen for a while now and won’t do so in the future, Meghan’s loyal fans are still by her side. And what does the Duchess do when she sees them? She gives them a big embrace.

A royal hug

Royal Family members spent some time chatting with well-wishers as they attended the morning church service on Christmas Day.

Meghan Markle was seen taking a step further and giving a hug to one of the lucky people in the crowd. But why did she single out this one person?

As it turned out, the Duchess hugged Jessica Daniels, a teenager who has been following her on social media for a very long time. When Meghan spotted the 17-year-old holding up a sign with her Instagram username written on it she instantly recognized her social media friend.

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Daniel, who lives in Peterborough, then shared the moment with her followers, describing it as 'amazing.' She said:

I started watching Suits, then I started following her on social media and then followed her acting and followed her humanitarian work, so I’ve been a fan of her for years.

The Duchess closed her social media accounts after marrying Prince Harry and this was the first time Jessica met her in real life and chatted with her face-to-face.

People’s reaction

What a beautiful Christmas present for Jessica. We are certain she will do great things in the future with such an amazing role model as Meghan.

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