Colin Firth's 28-Year-Old Son Follows His Father's Footsteps And Makes His Movie Debut


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In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Meg Tilly was a huge star. It was during that time when she met the starting actor Colin Firth on the set of the film, Valmont. The two had a passionate romance for 5 years as they moved to a secluded home in Canada, away from Hollywood.


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Firth and Tilly started raising Tilly’s two young children together, as well as their son Will, who was born in 1990, before they broke up four years later.


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Will is now 28 years old and he looks as charming and handsome as his famous dad.

Following father’s footsteps

While his father made women all over the world swoon as gallant Mr. Darcy, Will Firth is making his first steps into the film industry playing the complete opposite. The 28-year-old portrays a character that breaks up with a girl after a one-night stand in British romantic comedy Love Type D.


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Firth says that his father’s acting knowledge was very useful as he helped him practice for the audition for drama school. However, despite their uncanny physical resemblance, Will believes their acting styles are very different.


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He explained:

He’s a classy Englishman. I’m more the tall, gangly Canadian. He’s more the romantic lead roles. I’m not sure what my type is yet. But I’m not the romantic lead in this film. I’ve had a few sinister roles because of the way I look. At drama school, it was more comedic roles.


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At first, Colin Firth was not exactly happy about his son’s career choice, but he has been helping him nonetheless.

It’s a tough career. It can be emotionally draining, and he was worried for me. He wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into, but he’s supported me all the way.

Colin has more children to worry about. In 1997, the actor married Italian film producer and director Livia Giuggioli, with whom he has 2 more sons, 17-year-old Luca and 15-year-old Matteo.


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The boys are probably not sure what they want to do in the future at this point in their lives, but with both their parents involved in showbiz, it’s very likely they will follow the same route as their half-brother.

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