Brigitte Bardot's Shocking Confessions About Her Only Child: She Called Her Unborn Son A 'Tumor'

Date November 28, 2018

When Brigitte Bardot first graced the screen, it didn’t take long for her to be named a sex symbol. The late '50s and '60s were her decades. That's when she gained worldwide fame and appeared in the dreams of many men, and some women, too.


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Despite her huge success, Brigitte's personal life was filled with drama and heartbreak, which pushed her to depression and suicidal thoughts. The actress was married 4 times and is rumored to have had 100 boyfriends.


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However, she has only one child, but she never bonded with him. Moreover, she tried to get rid of him before he was even born.

The scandalous confessions of the sex symbol

According to Independent, in one of her autobiographies, Bardot talked about her only child, son Nicolas, from her second marriage to Jacque Charrier, her co-star in Babette Goes to War. She didn’t want a child, but Charrier's parents convinced her to have it.


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She describes her feelings after finding out that she is expecting, saying:

I looked at my flat, slender belly in the mirror like a dear friend upon whom I was about to close a coffin lid.


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In her book, the actress referred to her unborn son as a "cancerous tumor" and revealed that she tried to get rid of him by repeatedly punching herself in the stomach. She also asked her doctor to give her morphine.


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The birth was very difficult. She couldn’t get to the hospital on time because of numerous paparazzi outside her house, so she had to give birth at home. Bardot never bonded with Nicolas, so his father took custody of him.


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In one of her press conferences, Brigitte, who is an animal activist, said that she would have "preferred to give birth to a little dog". All of those hurtful words made Charrier and his son sue the actress, and she was ordered to pay a handsome sum for her spiky remarks.

How to deal with an unwanted pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy can turn into a positive experience if you tackle it from the right perspective. Brigitte didn’t want to see anything good that could come from having a child, but if you try to re-evaluate your vision of life and imagine having a baby in it, you might feel better. Think about all the nice things you could do, like walking with your child in a park, as this might trigger genuine feelings.

Brigitte Bardot's Shocking Confessions About Her Only Child: She Called Her Unborn Son A 'Tumor' /

Seek professional help to deal with negative emotions and discuss the future with your partner. Remember, we can’t control everything that happens in our lives, so don’t judge yourself and listen to what your heart tells you.

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