Elizabeth Taylor Was Married 8 Times, But She Was Crazy About Only One Man, 20 Years Her Senior

Date April 9, 2019

Elizabeth Taylor’s love life was just as legendary as her screen roles. She tied the knot 8 times with 7 different men, which drew a lot of media attention, as well as public disapproval.


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However, it appears that the actress was crazy about only one man. So much so, she even proposed to him herself. But who was he?

The one who stole her heart

In 1948, Elizabeth met the gorgeous and sophisticated British actor Michael Wilding and she was smitten. Their relationship started when the actress returned to England in 1951.


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The 20-year age gap didn’t scare them off. On the contrary, Taylor found it very appealing because she got the calm and quiet security she was looking for. Elizabeth was so madly in love that she decided to make a bold move and proposed to her beloved.


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Luckily, he said yes, and in 1952, they married in London. However, with time their union began to totter. The very thing Elizabeth was attracted to – the age gap that gave her the sense of security – began one of the reasons their marriage broke apart. The couple divorced in 1957 but remained friends.


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Taylor and Wilding had 2 sons together, Michael and Christopher. Both of them were born by cesarean section.


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They definitely inherited their father’s looks!

Elizabeth Taylor Was Married 8 Times, But She Was Crazy About Only One Man, 20 Years Her SeniorGetty Images / Ideal Image

The actress always had her children’s support, till her very last breath.

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