5 Most Bizarre Royal Rules Meghan Markle Will Have To Follow During Her Pregnancy

Date October 17, 2018

Another royal baby boom is sweeping over the world. As Kensington Palace shared the happy news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first baby, the little one is already the talk of the town even before being born.

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The Sussex family is due to welcome the new addition in spring next year. However, now that Meghan is pregnant, she has to follow a set of royal pregnancy rules that many would find quite bizarre.

1. First thing – tell the Queen


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The Queen’s position allows her to be the first to know every big news that happens in her family. That’s why she must be the first person to be told when the royal baby is born and all the details about him or her before it becomes a public notion. It’s good to be the Queen sometimes, isn’t it?

2. Morning sickness is not to be hidden


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As we all know, Kate Middleton suffered really bad morning sickness throughout all of her three pregnancies. If Meghan faces the same difficulties, she wouldn’t be going through them alone. The whole world will be by her side, suffering along with her.

3. Say goodbye to comfy shoes


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A woman’s bust is not the only thing that swells during pregnancy. Swollen feet are also something she has to deal with. Many pregnant ladies cope with it by wearing comfy shoes, especially sandals because they allow their poor feet to breathe. But not the royal women. They expected to have their toes covered at all times, no matter how swollen they are.

4. Don’t forget the christening gown


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If Meghan wishes to dress her baby in something adorable for a christening, she might have to store that wish somewhere deep as since 1841, every royal baby has been christened in an identical robe. To be fair, it’s pretty cute so this doesn’t seem like a big problem.

5. Baby showers are 'bad taste'


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The Duchess of Sussex will have to forget about the big tradition that many moms get to experience – a baby shower. The purpose of it is to 'shower' the future mother with gifts. However, showering an expectant royal is considered 'bad taste'. That’s why none of the royal mammas have ever had a baby shower.

But don’t worry, the upcoming royal baby will get lots of toys and presents. In fact, Meghan already has a special gift for her baby, if it’s a girl. Previously, even before marrying Prince Harry, she revealed she has a special Cartier watch she got for herself as a present and engraved “To M.M. From M.M.”, which she plans to give to her daughter. How sweet is that?

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