Former Gymnast Mary Lou Retton Shocked Fans By Announcing Her Secret Divorce After 27 Years Of Marriage

Date October 31, 2018 11:36

Mary Lou Retton, one of the most popular athletes in America, got married to the love of her life, Houston real estate developer Shannon Kelley, in 1990. Their marriage seemed like a perfect picture, which became even brighter with the birth of their four daughters.


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But recently, Mary Lou shocked fans after revealing that her 27-year marriage is over. And now she copes with the reality of being on her own again.

The heartbreaking ending of the relationship

Speaking to People, Retton opened up about the hardest time in her life, which she kept in secret for quite a while. She said:

I went through a divorce. People don’t know that. It’s the first time I’ve actually said it publicly.


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The retired Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast revealed that her divorce to Kelley was finalized in February, admitting that it was “very hard” to officially end her marriage. She commented on her emotional state:

I felt very alone.


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However, despite the difficulties, Retton knew that the separation needed to happen.

We still love one another, but we weren’t great together anymore.


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Even though the 50-year-old felt alone throughout the process, she had an amazing support system – her four daughters, 23-year-old Shayla, 21-year-old McKenna, 18-year-old Skyla, and 16-year-old Emma.

Thank God for my four girls, they loved me unconditionally.


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But it’s not the only hardship Retton had to face. After revealing the news about her divorce, Mary Lou was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.

Nonetheless, she said that the show helped her to learn a lot about herself and that she is not afraid to start over anymore.

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