Samantha Markle Is Planning To Hijack The Birth Of Meghan’s First Baby By Launching Her Book Around The Duchess’ Due Date

Date November 19, 2018

Samantha Markle hits again! After the news of Meghan’s pregnancy became a public notion, her half-sister released an open apology saying that she’s "letting everything go."


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But when the Duchess of Sussex thought she could finally relax and forget about Samantha’s verbal attacks, the 53-year-old decided to make a very malicious move.


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What did Samantha do this time?

The Duchess’ half-sister revealed she is launching her ‘tell-all’ book that will "hold nothing back" and "cover everything." But when is planning to unleash her secrets-spilling beast, you ask?


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The launch is planned in April or May – around the same time Meghan is due to give birth to her first child. Was it a direct jab at her pregnant half-sister? Knowing Samantha, we think it very well might be.


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The Duchess' estranged relative says that the book will reveal what is going on 'behind the scenes' that the world has no idea about. It will also touch upon the “cyberbullying” Markle has faced.

I am dealing with cyber stalking and cyber bullying with little Twitter trolls… they’re kind of nasty sending out banners and propaganda about me that’s disparaging and not true.

What do people think about the news?

Samantha keeps the rest of the book’s content to herself, not telling what exactly will be covered in it. However, we wonder if the ‘nasty trolls’ she’s talking about are just the people who criticized her icky words directed towards the Duchess of Sussex.

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