Today’s Kathie Lee Gifford Recalls Kiss From Paul Newman And How He Profoundly Changed Her Life

Date December 17, 2018 19:51

Paul Newman was a screen legend, superstar, and arguably the most handsome man in the movie industry with piercing blue eyes that broke many hearts all over the world. He proved that it’s possible for an insanely beautiful actor to be talented and use his skills, rather than his looks.


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But let’s be honest, his looks were the huge part of his appeal. Nonetheless, Newman will be remembered not only by his stunning appearance but also by his spot-on dialogue deliveries and incredible sense of humor.


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Those who had a pleasure to meet him in person know that it will be hard to find a better-looking man with the same charisma and charm. Today show’s co-host Kathie Lee Gifford is one of those lucky people who not only met but also get a kiss from the cinema star.

Life-changing meeting

Kathie Lee Gifford had a candid interview with Playbill, where she talked about her passion for musicals, her work, and her own purpose in life. The conversation inevitably led to the time when Gifford met Paul Newman and the Today co-host recalled how their interaction changed her outlook on life.


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Not only that, Kathie got something that many women had been dreaming about – kisses from the blue-eyed cinema legend. She met him in the early 2000s at a fundraiser when Newman, in his 80s at that time, got down on one knee, took both of Kathie’s hands, and kissed them.

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When Gifford asked how he was doing, the cinema legend said: “I have a pulse.” This moment profoundly changed Kathie’s life and created an idea in her head that she still firmly believes in:

If you have a pulse, you have a purpose.


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She commented about that profound shift in her consciousness:

Paul Newman could've been anywhere and doing anything that night, but here he was at 80 years old trying to put something good into the universe. There's still good for me to do.


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Since then, Gifford established her own charity, which helps numerous children’s organizations including Childhelp and the Association to Benefit Children. She has become a humanitarian, inspiring others to make positive changes in the world too, just like Paul Newman did.

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