Hilarious Moment: Leonardo DiCaprio's Mom Tried To Hide Her Son From Paparazzi With A Towel

Date January 25, 2019

Leonardo DiCaprio was definitely born under a lucky star. The actor has been struck with fame since he was a child. Good looks, great talent, and immense charisma – what’s not to love about him? But Leo wouldn’t be the iconic actor we know now without his loving parents, Irmelin and George.


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DiCaprio often boasts having a very special bond with them, even though they separated when he was just one year old.

The blue-eyed charmer lived mostly with his mom, which made them really close. No wonder, Irmelin feels extremely protective of her son and it’s evident she will do anything to help him.

Genius mother

DiCaprio often gushes about how amazing Irmelin is and even invites her to join him for many red carpet events. He likes to treat her with expensive gifts and lavish dinners. But being such a big Hollywood star means that whenever you go, you will be followed by a herd of paparazzi.

Once, Leo was having a quiet dinner with his mamma when photographers flooded the entrance of the restaurant they were in. So how did DiCaprio escape the envious camera flashes? Thanks to Irmelin, of course. The brave lady used an ingenious way to hide her famous son and she did it with a help of a towel!

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It’s hard not to laugh, isn’t it? But the trick seemed to have worked as Leonardo safely got into his car. Now we know from whom Leo learned how to avoid being photographed. He has utilized his brilliant sense of humor and creative mind to hide from paparazzi on many occasions in the past.

Doesn’t it just make you love him even more?

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