Princess Diana Danced On Stage As A Special Present For Prince Charles But He Didn’t Like It

Date December 13, 2018

Not many know this, but Princess Diana was a kin dancer. It was her way to shine and show off her skills. Lady Di attended tap dancing lessons but her true love was ballet. Unfortunately, being 5 ft 10 ½ inches tall, she had to forget about her dream of becoming a professional ballerina but it didn’t stop her from enjoying the dance and practicing for hours on end.


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Dancing helped her to release emotions and forget about everything. However, when she decided to use her skills and perform for the man she loved, he wasn’t exactly happy about it.

Christmas present gone wrong

According to a documentary, in December 1895, Princess Diana planned a special Christmas surprise for Prince Charles. During a private gala at Royal Opera House, she stunned everyone with an exceptional performance of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl, alongside ballet star Wayne Sleep.

The three-minute dance was a gift for Prince Charles. But he was less than impressed with such present. Royal expert Richard Kay explained:

It was a present which slightly backfired. She did it as a tribute to Charles. Charles wasn’t terribly impressed. He thought she was showing off.


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Nonetheless, Kay praised Diana for her courage by saying:

It was incredibly courageous of her to go on stage at the home of English ballet at Covent Garden and to do a routine with the great Wayne Sleep.


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The photos show Lady Di doing all the moves with a smile on her face. We can definitely tell she loved her little moment of fame, even though her husband had not been overjoyed about it.


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Dancing queen

It was not the only time Diana demonstrated her dancing skills on the public. In 1985, she whirled with an American actor John Travolta to the music of his 1977 hit Saturday Night Fever at a gala dinner at the White House.


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That dance has become a part of the history and the famous snap taken in the middle of it became iconic. We adore this photo and the stunning dress Diana was wearing. Dancing surely was something that made her happy and it’s wonderful to see her enjoying herself.

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