Bette Midler's Daughter Has Grown Into A Stunning Woman And She Is Spitting Image Of Her Famous Mother

Date November 2, 2018 16:17

We all remember Bette Midler's adorable daughter, Sophie Von Haselberg. Sophie is Bette’s only child and she is the fruit of Midler’s marriage to artist Martin von Haselberg. The couple got married in December 1984 and their daughter was born in November two years later.


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Sophie has German and Jewish-American roots. She’s quite a smarty pants as she studied sociology and East Asian studies at a prestigious Yale University. She then moved to China to work at an ad agency, trying to stay away from show business. But when your mom is one of the greatest actresses in the world, it’s hard not to take interest in the craft she is so good at.


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Perhaps acting talent does run in the blood as Sophie returned to the US to study at the drama school at her alma mater.

How does she look now?

Today, Von Haselberg is a beautiful 31-year-old woman. And the older she gets the more she looks like her famous mother. The resemblance between the two is uncanny – they have the same nose, smile, everything.


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What about Sophie’s career? Well, she is slowly but surely moving up. In 2015, she had a chance to work with a cinema genius Woody Allen. Even he noticed how similar she looks to her mother, saying:

She’s wonderful. She came in with a lot of other women that read and she’s the spitting image of her [mother] and she was just good...


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Midler and Von Haselberg have officially taken the first place among all mother-daughter lookalikes. We are waiting in anticipation for the two to make a future stage or film collaboration. It would be wonderful to see these talented beauties to work together!

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