Fans Are Puzzled As 73-Year-Old Singer Don McLean And 24-Year-Old Model Confirm Their Romance By Trip To Paris

Date October 30, 2018 18:25

After a successful career and two broken marriages, 73-year-old Don McLean seemed to find a new love interest. The singer, mainly known for his hit “American Pie,” got married to Carol Sauvion in 1969 but their marriage only lasted 3 years.


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His second marriage to Patrisha McLean lasted much longer, however it didn’t end well. The couple went to the altar in 1987 but in January 2016, the singer was arrested for a domestic violence charge. In June 2016, Patricia and Don got divorced.


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But now, McLean is in love again. His new interest is 24-year-old model Paris Dylan.

A romantic rendezvous in Paris

Don and Paris, who made an appearance on Catfish, have been romantically linked since spring this year. But the fans’ speculations were confirmed lately as the couple started sharing their photos together on social media, taken from their amorous trip to France.


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Dylan posted a snap of her and her new boyfriend posing near Paris’ top attraction, Eiffel Tower. She captioned it with:

a dream with my love..


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What do people think about their romance?

Despite what people say, the two lovebirds seem happy together and this is what matters the most.

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