Johnny Carson Broke Down In Tears When He Found Out His Wife Was Having An Affair With Frank Gifford

Date March 29, 2019 13:37

The TV personality Johnny Carson was known not only for his successful career but also for his marriages. In his pursuit of the one and only, Carson wedded 4 times.


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But one of his wives broke his heart into many pieces.

The heart-wracking discovery

The late-night legend’s personal legal adviser Henry Bushkin wrote a book titled Johnny Carson where he describes the time working with his star client.


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In the book, he reveals the moment when Carson came to him with a suspicion that his second wife, Joanne, was cheating on him.

Joanne used to work as a stewardess and a show host. The couple wedded in 1963 and seven years later, Johnny believed he had evidence that she had a secret apartment where she was meeting with her lover.


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Carson convinced Bushkin and his other friends to break into that apartment. When the plan came to action, they discovered that the place was filled with things from Carson and Joanne’s home. Moreover, there were a few photographs of the cheating wife with her secret beau, who, as it turned out, was Frank Gifford.


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When those and a lot of other evidence were found, Carson looked completely crushed and broke down in tears. However, Frank Gifford himself couldn’t remember if he had an affair with Joanne.

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Gifford’s wife Kathie Lee once revealed that she asked her husband, who passed away in 2015, about it and he relayed:

I can’t remember! Maybe!

Perhaps Gifford had too many love stories to remember this particular one.

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